Following the recent tragedy that took place at our charity partner, The Pathway Home, we wanted to do more to help the organization as well as the families of the three women who lost their lives that day through the #3BraveWomenFund.

While there was only a few days between the incident and our event, we scrambled to put together a silent auction at the Taste of Yountville event. We put a call out for donations to our many amazing partners and wineries, media companies and other local businesses jumped to action to contribute.

We received offers of almost 30 bottles of wine, artwork, show tickets, and gift certificates for meals and tastings. The next day, thanks to the efforts of Chris Heuer and Susan Rousseau, who put the auction together in record time, as well as Nanette Humer, who helped to oversee the live auction as well as many other volunteers, we placed 16 items out for bid during our event. With the incredible support of the Taste of Yountville attendees, we were able to raise almost $5,000.00!

In addition to the silent auction funds, we introduced everyone to the Dip Jar, which enabled us to collect nearly $1,000.00 in credit card donations during the event.

Above: ABC 7 News did a short piece on our efforts.

Below: You can click on the image below to see a few photos taken during the live auction.

We wish to send a heartfelt thank you to the following organizations who donated their goods and services to help support the #3BraveWomenFund. We are lucky to work within a true community where so many wonderful people jump to action in times of need. 

In fact, there was so much support from the community that we could not auction it all during our live event. We have nine (9) more items that will now be sold in online auctions!

Unfortunately, this will not include the rest of the incredible wine we had available as we are prohibited from selling these items on eBay, and we were unsuccessful in finding another economical auction platform that could support our efforts. Because of this, we will be returning the wine bottle donations back to the following wineries who also offered their support:

We are grateful for their offers to help, and we are deeply sorry we were not able to get their donations into the live auctions to support the families even further.

I would like to thank our local community for springing into action to help us raise money for the #3BraveWomenFund. It is now up to all of us to show our support of all of these organizations — buy their wine, eat at their restaurants, and use their goods and services.

And remember, we are not done yet.