Quiet on the Set

You don’t just hear or see Quiet on the Set – you experience it. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Justin Labosco in 2013, the group’s music is only the beginning when you attend one of their incredible, immersive pop/rock shows. 

In 2013, Labosco began recording songs solo and released an eponymous EP in which he played all the instruments himself. Subsequently, two music videos came from that EP, the Alice in Wonderland-inspired “Out There” and the psychological drama “This Room.” One thing is certain – when it comes to videos, Quiet on the Set does not cut corners.    

In 2016, Quiet on the Set ascended to a new level when Labosco added Benjamin Brown to the band on bass and completed the lineup with his longtime friend Aaron Pose on guitar. Soon after, Quiet on the Set released their first full-length album “Resist.” From the beautiful piano-led ballad “Mess of Me” to the hard-driving rock anthem “Trail”, the three-piece sounds like a band that has been together for more than a decade, not a new group.

In their videos, recordings, and live shows, Quiet on the Set demonstrate remarkable maturity in songwriting and an impressive range of styles. The energy emanating from the stage during a Quiet on the Set performance is absolutely intoxicating (see for yourself in their live YouTube videos). This innovative band is reinventing a genre; they are not standing still either on stage or in their careers.