Stephanie IzardSome of us fell in love with her on Bravo’s Top Chef show, where she took the title (in 2008). Others discovered her as you watched her dominate the kitchen, and also take the title, recently on Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet. Maybe you made a reservation at one of her award winning restaurants and that is when it all clicked for you.

No matter how or when you discovered this James Beard award winning chef, you know Stephanie Izard does not mess around when it comes to creating incredible bites for you to swoon over, time and time again.

And lucky for you, there are a couple opportunities to enjoy the creative mastery of Izard during Yountville Live! You can catch the What’s Shaking Little Goat?” demo* on Saturday, March 17th from 12:00pm where she will bring the flavors from her book, Girl & The Goat and the spices that go with it, cooking sauces and spice mixes to give you some new ideas to take home and test out.

At 2:00pm that same day*, Stephanie will join her husband, Gary Valentine, the “Sommelier of Craft Beer,” as he explores the hoppier side of life with some tasty treats from Golden Road Brewing and other yummy things produced by Stephanie’s incredibly creative hands.

We are thrilled to have Stephanie, and you too Gary!, be part of Yountville Live and know the Goat Army cannot wait to see her too. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from an incredible chef, and an even more amazing human being. Get your tickets today!

* These special events are not included in the standard Taste of Yountville ticket.