Events like Yountville Live would not be possible without the love and support from our beloved sponsors. We are blessed to have companies participate not just with a check, but with their heart and soul, and by providing their high quality products, to ensure you have a wonderful time while with us for the weekend.


Celebrity Chef and Music DemonstrationsOur food and beverage sponsors spare no expense to fill your bellies with divine savory and sweet eats and even more delicious drinks.

You be enjoying bites prepared by chefs from restaurants like La Toque, Bottega, Girl & The Goat, Protea, Smoke, and Hurley’s.

If you have eaten at these establishments before, you know you are in for a treat. If you have not [yet], please believe me, you are in for a treat. Not to mention all the crazy cool Instagram photo opportunities you will have. It’s a #foodies paradise.

Grand Cru We’ll have some of the best wineries that Napa Valley offers and one of my favorite breweries refilling your glasses throughout the weekend — Charles Krug, Regusci, Caymus, Jessup Cellars, Raymond, ZD, Peju, Stewart Cellars, Stella Artois, and Beringer to name just a few (there are over 100 wineries supporting this event — while I did not list every one, please know we love* you all!

* Note: this is real love, like we’ll be visiting your tasting rooms real soon and buying bottles of your liquid gold kind of love, not just that lazy simple shout out kind of love.



The folks at DC Solar make sure the lights are always on, and they do so while helping to protect Mother Earth’s resource, thank you for that! And powering the fire to cook ALL THE MEAT (ok, and a few veggies), is Lynx Professional Grills


Our travel partner, Southwest Airlines**, helps bring folks from across the U.S, as well as from the city next door to our quaint town of Yountville. And when they arrive, they’ll have a lovely place to stay if you happen to choose on of our hotel partners.

** If you have not seen the “Live at 35” series hosted by Southwest Airlines, check out these videos now. They surprise guests on select flights with performances from some of our favorite artists. Best inflight entertainment we can think of.


Our media partners like Entercom, SF Magazine and the Academy of Country Music help us get the word out, which is important, as selling tickets helps us keep doing this year after year. Shocker how that works, right?  


Sisterhood BandThen we have the chefs and artists who carve out time in their schedule to be part of Yountville Live. Their artistry comes across their various platforms and each one creates a unique experience for our attendees. 

Some of them carry names you will recognize. Others have been hit makers for years — both in music and in restaurants — but you may not realize that until you research them (happens to me all the time).

You’ll soon be filling your music library with their songs and making reservations to eat in their restaurants, and be very happy that you did, both.

While not a typical type of sponsor, they do support this event and deserve a mention here. When you realize all the talent that comes together for this one weekend, you’ll find yourself rushing over to that [buy tickets] button if you have not done so already.

Thanks to these sponsors, you will [hopefully] discover your new favorite artist or chef and be able to get up close and personal to them during this event. Help us show them love by giving them your business when you can. Thank you. 

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