Etude Wines is known for its 35 year legacy of high quality Pinot Noirs that deliver the best of the old and new world style and winemaking techniques. Jon Priest, Senior Winemaker at Etude, has a passion for Pinot Noir. It should come as no surprise then that he views patience as a duty, not a virtue, as the oft-named heartbreak grape requires a deft hand and total commitment. Etude was founded on the philosophy that winemaking begins in the vineyard long before the harvest and that superior grape growing diminishes the need for intervention by the winemaker, resulting in authentic varietal expression. This remains our approach today as we continue to build the Etude legacy. At the winery, solar panels supply about a third of Etude’s energy needs, recycled water is used for landscape irrigation and employees manage a composting and recycling program which diverts a large percentage of waste away from landfills. The Etude team also takes pride in their employee cultivated garden, with a portion of the produce donated to the Napa Food Bank.