In the spring of 2011, Jamey and Michelle Whetstone, owners of  Whetstone Wine Cellars restored a 19th century chateau in the heart of Napa Valley and turned it into a full- time winery tasting salon that is a beacon for entertaining. Whetstone guests step back in time, where lively conversation, attention to detail, and a sense of understated hospitality rule the day. This is also the essence of the Southern charm and hospitality that the Whetstones’ have perfected;  great music, delicious food, and stunning wine sprinkled with sincere conversation around a thoughtful table. This rule applies not only to the Whetstones’ home and at the chateau, but in the vineyards as well. Jamey’s approach to farming aims to strike that same balance between abundance and simplicity. And this is an attribute to where they are today. The Whetstones’ are acutely aware of the art of being present. It is an art form that they have practiced with each bottle, tune, and conversation shared under the sun at the chateau with many guests.